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A Prelude to the Future

Broken Hill Biennale of Art

Desert Equinox

Air Art Broken Hill

Air Art Prize Exhibition

10th Dec - 18 Dec 2016

Congratulations to the winners of the Desert Equinox Air Art Prize 2016

Alesco Learning Centre (students and teachers) 'Just Breath' - Mirrors Category

Far West Felters 'Free Flying Felt' - Smoke Category

Three Highly Commended awards were also issued to:

James Bourne for 'Air Today Gone Tomorrow'

Gigi Barbe for 'Playing with Fire'

Armando Licul for 'Susan'

Congratulations to all involved for making the Desert Equinox Prelude - Air art exhibition such a success.

The 2016 Desert Equinox Air Prelude, Events and Art Prize Exhibition is the fourth of a series of preludes to the establishment of a Broken Hill Biennale of Art. The previous instalments included the Desert Equinox Solar (January to March), Earth (April to June) and Water (July to September) preludes. Each prelude consists of a full calendar season of activities including public lectures, projects, workshops and prize exhibitions. 

The theme of this prelude seeks to explore the different qualities of air. Air in its purist for is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and less than 1% carbon dioxide and other gases. It is what humans and other animals need to breathe. Air is clear and becomes visible when movement is detected by things that fly, float, wave or when it is mixed with other gases or particles. Air is the Earths atmosphere and the movement of the body of air around the earth affects climate. In weather systems air flows from higher to lower pressure areas causing winds transport excess heat from the sun away from the surface of the earth.

The two categories in this prelude are Smoke and Mirrors. they are meant to provide a fluid source of artistic inspiration. Smoke and Mirrors - as the expression of deceit, obfuscation, and of that which is hidden from sight - feature in folklore, mythology and literature. Entrants to this exhibition were asked to contextualise their entry to the concept of either Smoke or Mirrors. As a guide Smoke could reference the theatrical, atmospheric or ephemeral, or airborne particles and things that shift, drift or move through the air such as birds, flags, or mobiles. Alternately Mirrors whether as optical devices or scientific apparatus can magnify, bend, distort, deflect or reflect light. They can also be visually or mentally self-identifying. Artists and individuals were invited to bring artistic licence to interpreting either Smoke or Mirrors in relation to Air in their artwork.

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